KCWC Catching Up – Days 1-4

After admiring from afar, I signed up just in the nick of time for Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  I figured I’d give it a whirl, with a few projects in the back of my mind to work on for the chickadees but nothing really planned.  Committing to one hour per day was also the kick I’ve needed to get the projects out of my head and off of a list, and hopefully into existence.

Day One: Lil Blue Boo’s Perfect Shorts in a fuchsia and orange baby rib knit, and partial progress on a simple tank top traced from one the girls’ Carter’s shirts, using one of my old knit t-shirts.  I actually got in just over two hours of uninterrupted sewing time while the girls were at preschool.  Well, partially uninterrupted – a magnitude 3.9 earthquake hit around 10:30am, while I was pinning the hem up on these shorts.  Welcome to California!

Days Two and Three: I ended up scrapping the tank top for now (or at least tossed it in the “maybe someday” basket) and switched gears toward this little top, again traced from  one of the girls’ shirts and loosely following the construction of the Playdate Dress.  This rib knit is really soft and stretchy, which made for ho-hum results on the pockets but it’s done.  The bottom of the top is again repurposed from an old knit t-shirt of mine.

After lackluster feelings on this top I redeemed myself by knocking out a second pair of LBB Perfect Shorts late last night.  These come together so quickly and take very little yardage.  The polka dot here is Michael Miller interlock knit left over from my niece’s baby blanket, which I was working on right about this time last year.

Day Four: Unfortunately, no sewing today.  I spent all day cleaning and preparing for my parents’ first time visit to SoCal.  I did obsess over the KCWC Flickr pool and Pinterest a bit for inspiration, and hope to get a few solid hours in tomorrow afternoon during nap time.


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