Puppet Show Shorts

We’ve had a bit of a toddler wardrobe crisis over the past month or so, for several reasons: a) my girls are growing like weeds – vertically, that is – suddenly in 3T sizes for length, but b) skinny as can be – still each under 30 pounds (thank goodness for hidden adjustable waists); and c) major climate change for us coming from the Midwest to SoCal and not much in the closet that is warm weather friendly.  So we’re working on a massive overhaul, all times two of course and batch-processing when possible.

I made a random purchase late the other night of the digital pattern for Oliver + S’s puppet show tunic, dress + shorts, and thought it appropriate to put the new seersucker from my stash to use, being Derby weekend and all.  I opted to exclude the pockets because I didn’t want a plain-jane woven cotton in an accent color to take away from the fabulous texture of the seersucker.  Next pair(s) – most definitely with pockets.  And there will be many more of these because I love, love, love how cute and EASY they are, not to mention a waistband method that I will be adapting into everything going forward.  There’s a lot to be said for good, solid instruction and construction methods, which has honestly pulled me away from many of the big name pattern makers and over to the independents.  I’ve learned more and much better quality construction from the small shops and bloggers.  Kicking the soapbox aside now…

Prepped and ready:

Finished products:

A small step forward in conquering the wardrobe issue, and much more in the works!


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