Let there be (a little less) light!

I finally finished the curtains the M and C’s room.  Well, let me restate – the mostly-finished curtains that sat on my worktable for a good week or so have been hemmed and hung up.  Happy day!  If nearly completing a project within a mere few minutes of the finishing touches were a sport, I’d be a gold medalist.  Call it easily bored, maybe more accurately easily distracted.  I always have about three ongoing projects in the works because to sit and work on only one thing start to finish honestly makes my head hurt.  And because there’s always a story behind the project, the process with these lovelies made it even more conducive to putting them aside for awhile.

I bought this fabric before we left STL, knowing the wall color and general color scheme that I wanted to do in the girls’ new room.  At first I was questioning if the print was too girly but I think it’s just perfect for them having now seen the finished product.  I used this awesome Ana White tutorial for tab top curtains to get the pleated look when the curtains are opened.

Super easy, very intuitive and her website is pretty darn amazing too.  She makes me want to learn to use power tools… seriously.

Not wanting to have to piece together panels and preferring a not-so-full curtain anyway, I used the existing width for my panels and cut per the height measurement.  But lo and behold when I lined the partially finished panels side by side mid-project, I dropped an f-bomb (quietly) and instantly heard my mom’s voice in my head saying, “don’t forget to match up your prints”.  Crap.  Double crap.  I had cut the panels with the prints way off and it looked ridiculous.  So a-hacking-away I went.  I cut about seven inches off the top of one panel and the equal amount from the bottom of the other to get them to line up better.  Know where that left me?  Curtains that were too damn short.  At this point I took a break from them, started something else and thought long and hard about how to finish them up.  Thank goodness for a stash of red cotton – tabs added and a nice piece at the bottom to round out the hem.  I actually like them better this way.  Funny how that works out sometimes.


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