Toddler Backpacks

Several years ago when I really starting get back into the sewing and crafting mindset, I happened upon Rae’s blog – and was instantly hooked.  Her pattern design and instructions are all so well done and very easy to follow.  I purchased her Toddler Backpack pattern several years ago even before M and C were here.  Now that the girls actually have a need for backpacks to tote their stuff to preschool I knew I finally needed to get on it and just crank them out.  I hemmed and hawed over fabric selection for a long time and in the end it was pretty easy – the girls picked it out themselves.  And I love that they did, that we’re now at that stage.  They both vetoed my fabric choices while wandering around Joann’s one morning and opted instead for ladybugs and elephants.

All fabrics and linings are standard quilting-weight cotton and I interfaced the outer fabric, straps and bottom with heavy fusible for more structure.  Honestly, they’re still a bit floppy but nonetheless I’m very happy with how they turned out.  Rae’s guidance to use the appropriate needle for heavyweight fabrics/multiple layers was spot on and saved me from a lot of frustration.  The end results:

To say that the girls love these is an understatement.  I finished M’s first (elephants) but had to hide it until C’s was done too.  After unveiling them a couple weeks back and admitting that I was being sneaky during their nap times to finish C gave me a big grin and declared that she “liked me being sneaky” and that I “made her very happy”.  Then she tackled my knees with a gigantic hug.  They sure do know how to bring me to tears.


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