To rest their pretty heads upon

Oh you poor, poor neglected blog.

I’m still here, just busy with summer and finding it difficult to sit down and dig through photos of what I’ve been working on, let alone actually write about it.  I also let my sewing space get completely out-of-control-disorganized and messy to the point of not being able to find anything that I needed to work, so had to take a day or two after vacation to clean it up.  And haven’t really had the desire to mess it all up again.  Until last week.

My girls love Olivia, like loooooove her.  Case in point here.  I snagged a couple of Olivia prints at my beloved M&L Fabrics but had no idea what they would become.  And in looking around the girls’ room and thinking about all the things I need to catch up on for them, their little sad, bare, case-less pillows screamed loudest for some help.  (I know, bare pillows… bad Mommy).  About an hour later though, the pillows were quite happy, as were M and C:

I used this tutorial, but I modified for the small size of these pillows (they’re 12″ x 16″, technically “travel-sized” pillows, I believe), and I will never make another pillowcase by any other method again.  This goes so quickly, and I’m all about near-instant sewing gratification so that was the cherry on top of the speedy french seaming and very clean finished look.  The red and white polka dot is Michael Miller That’s It Dot, and was one of a massive red/white/polka dot/stripe binge while shopping for Olivia-esque prints for the M and C’s birthday party.  Which I used very little of, but hey they’ll be put to good use somehow.

Happy little pillows and happy little girls.


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