KCWC Fall 2012: Days 5-7

I’m a big fan of play dresses for my girls, paired with leggings or shorts underneath.  Comfy and forgiving enough for them to run around and tumble in (or tackle and wrestle each other lately), yet still girly but not in a super frilly way.  I don’t do frilly.

So, I skipped a couple of other to-dos on my KCWC list to be sure I got these fun little play dresses done, using (yet again) the Flashback Skinny Tee with puff sleeves for the empire bodice and a gathered skirt a la LBG Studio’s Comfy Knit Dress (minus the pockets).  Other inspiration came from these Hanna Andersson dresses I saw in their catalog a couple weeks ago, and some super-cute striped leggings I picked up at Old Navy on sale for about $5 a piece.

Hanna Andersson Way to Play dress

Hanna Andersson Ruffle Craft Slipover Dress

This time around, I opted to hem the full sleeves rather than an elastic casing, and kept the dress length on the longer side too, as my munchkins seem to keep stretching before my very eyes.  I snagged a few XL and XXL men’s t-shirts on sale at Target awhile back and chopped those up to create these little beauties.  A fine repurpose of some super-soft knits, if I do say so myself.  Now if only the weather out here in SoCal would cooperate for long sleeves…


2 thoughts on “KCWC Fall 2012: Days 5-7

  1. Thanks! 🙂 I actually used two shirts for each dress – most of one, and just a bit of the second shirt to cut the sleeves fuller. If the sleeves were more fitted I could have gotten by with just one shirt for each dress.

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