KCW Spring 2013 – Days 1 & 2

KCW Days 1 and 2 ran together for me, as it often happens when I’m cranking out two identical items.  Ah yes, batch processing for twins!  I’m looking forward to a change of pace in sewing for The Boy this summer, one itty bitty thing at a time.

Anyhoo, yesterday morning started with a quiet house (girls were at preschool) and some quality prep time with pattern pieces and cutting.  Two pair of Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts were cut out to be sewn up later this week, and I finally prepped and started on the cropped Oliver + S Sailboat Pants in a super-soft dark lightweight denim.  I found inspiration for these pants in denim via Pinterest about a month ago and knew they’d be on my list for KCW.

I’m extremely happy with the final result!  I made these in a size 4, so the girls will have room to grow and wear them for awhile, and I had to take the bottom hem up an extra 3/4″, but should be easy to let down later if need be.  I adore the detailing of these pants, and all Oliver + S patterns actually, which keeps me coming back to this pattern line to sew again and again.  Now M and C just need some tops to go with these!


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