Get to know me

IMG_3356 - Version 2

Hi, I’m Vicki!  I’m a thirtysomething mama to twin preschool-aged girls and a new baby boy, recently transplanted back to the St. Louis area after a short 15-month stint in Southern California.  Growing up I spent many a weekend afternoon admiring the near-constant whir and hum of two sewing machines – my mom on her good ol’ Kenmore and my dad on a variety of heavy-duty commercial upholstery machines.  I hand stitched baby doll diapers and Barbie clothes early on, was playing around with random funky dresses by high school, and was over the moon when my parents gave me a basic but solid Singer for graduation.

My husband of nearly ten years is now well-versed in why there’s no such thing as “a quick run” to the fabric store, and lovingly accepts my massive fabric stash and late nights because he knows that my sanity often depends on it.  Our dog makes a beeline to lie at my feet while I’m working; dogs always know the happiest place to be.  And my daughters attack my scrap stacks whenever I’m not looking and are already asking for their own sewing machines.


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