Dressing the Bump: The Maxi Skirt

When I was pregnant with my girls four years ago I was working full-time in a rather conservative corporate environment, so my day to day maternity wardrobe mostly consisted of the typical dress pants and woven blouses that I had nearly all outgrown by 32 weeks.  Lots of polyester and less than comfortable ensembles overall.  This time around my days are spent out and about on errands during preschool mornings and  running a household and chasing those little girls around the rest of the day.  A lack of comfort just isn’t an option.  Bring on the maxi skirts!

I’d been eyeing the Maxi Skirt Tutorial by Leanne Barlow of Elle Apparel for awhile, even before the need for comfy maternity clothing came around, so finally I jumped on that purchase and started measuring away (eeeek!) to draft my pattern.  I have a few rayon blend jersey knits that I bought from fabric.com way back when, which are perfect for this type of skirt.  The waistband of this skirt not specifically drafted for maternity wear, but it is easily folded down to work around the baby bump, so I expect to be able to wear it post baby as well.

This tutorial is very well-written and easy to follow, and I like that you draft it yourself based on your own measurements.  It sews up very quickly (I think I drafted, cut and sewed it up in maybe three hours… pinning the hem took the longest) especially when only using a serger, and the a-line design is probably pretty adaptable to a shorter skirt as well.  Maybe I’ll give that a try too!

These photos were taken about five weeks ago, around my 25-week mark but it still fits great and will work perfectly for the remainder of this pregnancy.  Another successful maternity wardrobe staple completed!


Dressing the Bump: My PERFECT Maternity Top

At 26 weeks pregnant now, and after multiple tries at knit maternity tops I’ve FINALLY conquered it – and I LOVE this top!  It’s the perfect blend of feminine shape but not skin-tight, and gives enough coverage with room to grow.  And I still have quite a bit of growing to do with the last trimester ahead of me.

I invested in the Megan Nielsen Ruched Maternity T-shirt pattern a couple months ago, and after a couple tries at getting my size right I was very happy with the silhouette of it but not so much with the lower necklines and fitted factor.

I’m just personally not a fan of super-clingy tops, but I do want to show off the bump to a degree.  So I made a mental note to regrade that pattern to add more ease and higher necklines both front and back.  And then a Quiet Book (in process) and KCW happened and I never got back to it.

Then, late the other night I had an epiphany… I’ve been seeing some awesome reviews of the free Scoop Top pattern released last week by Kristin at Skirt as Top, and I noticed that the back of the top hangs lower than the front.  It occurred to me that if I flip the pattern pieces around (back becomes front, front becomes back), add some overall width, some extra length to the “new” front it could make a pretty comfy maternity top.

My first try turned out pretty well, but needed some curve added to bring in the bottom hem to reduce how flared it was hanging off my belly, and I immediately thought that the ruching detail from my first try should take care of this “problem”.  So I modified the length and bottom curves of the front and back to match the Megan Nielsen pattern.

And voila!  Major success!  I’m beyond pleased with this top and will be making several more, at least!  Maybe extended into maxi dress version too?  Hmmm…